Spark Hire Ditches Résumé for Face Time, Should You?

Who says technology only serves to further isolate us?

Don't be fooled by the El trains jam-packed with people's faces bathed in lights from their touch devices, and skillfully avoiding eye contact with any other humans.

There are ways to harness all these new developments on the tech front, and it sounds like Spark Hire, a newly launched Chicago-based company has the right idea. The company explains what it's up to in this snippet from their release: 

For the first time ever, job seekers and companies can go through every phase of the applying, screening and interviewing process in one place, online, using high quality video features. Spark Hire allows every job seeker a chance to tell companies why they should hire them. On Spark Hire, companies actually SEE their applicants, not just their resumes.   

And for what it's worth, some companies nowadays think résumés altogether are obsolete. So, as a manager, ask yourself: Do I want to live in the past or take a chance on something new? It's at least worth considering. There's more about Spark Hire in this video below. Enjoy:

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