Tree Begins New Life as City’s Official Christmas Tree

Spangler family say they offered up tree because it was posing a danger to their house.

A 55-foot-tall Colorado Spruce selected in an online vote was removed from the ground Thursday and began its life as the City of Chicago's official Christmas Tree.

The spruce has been in front of the Western Springs home since the Spangler family moved in 18 years ago. They offered it up because its proximity to their house was too close for comfort.

"It's kind of sad. I've been sort of a nervous wreck about it all week, feeling guilty, especially seeing it tied up," said homeowner Klaudia Spangler.

But she said that if the towering tree fell over it would do extensive damage to the home.

A large crane brought in did the heavy lifting, and once secured with chain it was cut down and placed on a flatbed truck for its trip downtown to Daley Plaza.

"We're really excited to think that if it's going to go somewhere it's going to be the center of the city of Chicago, and I've always dreamed of having it lit from top to bottom," said Spangler.

She said she'll let her daughter, who is away at school and couldn't see the tree come down, will flip the switch during the Nov. 23 ceremony.

More than 4,000 people voted in the online contest, said Erin Bauer with the city's Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events.

Last year, a 70-foot blue spruce donated by the Colomer family of McHenry won the contest.

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