South Side Irish Parade on Tap, Cost Pending

South Side organizers say an alcohol-free parade is a go

Getty Images

Chicago will get its South Side Irish Parade this year, but it's still unknown how much organizers will have to pay.

After a rescheduled meeting Thursday to discuss plans to reboot the defunct parade with a zero tolerance alcohol policy, parade committee members were all smiles and feeling optimistic.

The popular parade was canceled three years ago because of rowdiness, but organizers said they wanted to resurrect it this March.

The city accepted an application for the parade to be held on March 11, but Chicago officials warned last month a permit would not be issued until the committee pays for city services.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel's administration also asked the committee to reveal more details about how it plans to handle security before moving forward.

How much the bill will be for the parade is still unknown, likely until Friday. Until then, Irish toasts be all non-alcoholic because the South Side organizers say an alcohol-free parade is a go.

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