South Side Furniture Store Targeted by Thieves One Day After Crash Damaged Shop

One day after the owners of a Chicago furniture store say a tragic accident destroyed their security fencing, the store has become a target for thieves.

Nasser Ali, the owner of the furniture store at 71st and State streets, said a burglary was caught on camera Monday night, as thieves stole a number of items from the South Side shop.

“They took TVS and electronics, a few of them,” Ali said.

Just one day earlier, an SUV crashed into the store’s security fencing, damaging it significantly. The thieves broke into the shop from the store’s alley, disabling new, high-definition security cameras mounted on the roof.

“We found that three security cameras were taken down and stripped of electric before they attempt to come through the front of the store,” Ali said.

But the burglars failed to take into account the cameras mounted inside the store.

Footage showed one thief breaking the windows of the building with a rock before two others enter.

“For us, we deal with this every day,” Ali said. “It’s not normal, but it’s tough.”

Ali has been doing business in the Park Manor neighborhood for the past 16 years. The owners plan to repair the damage and carry on, possibly with even more security.

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