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South Side Cheer Team Asks Public For Help Getting to National Championships

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A competitive cheerleading team on Chicago's South Side has qualified for the national championships in Florida, but a small group won't be able to attend due to the cost of airfare and hotel accommodations.

The Chi-Town Cats cheer team is asking for the public's help in raising money so all athletes can compete at the big event.

“We were looking for a donation - somebody that may be able to help them out," said Chi-Town Cats owner Paulette Franklin. "We do have a lot of parents that are struggling and that are working and we have some girls actually going without their parents because they couldn't afford to go with them.”

Now, two days to the national championships, the athletes have to make some major changes.

Because some girls are unable to make the trip, the cheerleaders have been forced to also change the routine, which they've been practicing for two months, at the last minute to accommodate for missing athletes.

“It was like, kind of hard, because it's like, we have to start over again," said cheerleader Dreliyah Brooks.

 “We have to change everything you know, we've working on since February," cheerleader Tashaila Forenan added. "Now, we have to change everything to make it work again."

The Chi-Town Cats are pleading with the public for any fundraising that could get the team to Florida for the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

“If you got anything extra that's in your heart, please help out a child and make their dream come true," Franklin said.


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