Sorry, No Cocktails in the Classroom

U. of I. confiscating alcohol during St. Patrick's celebration

Students at the University of Illinois, listen up. You can bring your books to class Friday. DO NOT bring the booze. 

That's because you'll find officials greeting you at the classroom building doors, acting as bouncers, in an effort to curb the drunken celebration of this year's "Unofficial St. Patrick's Day." 

The Irish tradition starts early in the day off campus and has been known to make its to the classroom as an extension of the cocktail hour.  

Be prepared to have your bags and backpacks searched for any liquids that may include alcohol. Officials promise -- they will be confiscated. 

"It is surprising, to say the least, that students would actually decide to both celebrate 'Unofficial' and go to class," U. of I. spokewsoman Robin Kaler told the Chicago Tribune. "We do have kids who think they might want to do both." 

The crack down comes after two student deaths were linked to the celebration a few years ago. 

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