Some Push for Jay Cutler Reality Show After He Posts First Instagram Story

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Missing Jay Cutler on your television? After the former Bears quarterback posted his very first Instagram story Wednesday, some on social media are saying he should have his own reality show.

Cutler took to Instagram to chronicle a murder mystery - a chicken murder mystery, that is.

"First story, it's a big one," he said in the first of a series of videos posted to his Instagram story. "We've got a chicken serial killer on the loose. We've lost quite a few. Tonight we're gonna set up a trail camera, see if it's a coyote, bobcat, I don't know, raccoon."

"Could be anything, not sure. But enough's enough. These ladies are a little edgy right now so we gotta figure this out," he said, showing off some of the chickens on his farm.

"There is one other possibility. It could be an inside job," Cutler continued, focusing his camera on the cat prowling through the yard. "Thelma over there, while she looks nice and sweet, is a savage with loose morals."

"Thelma - hey cat. Kitty cat, I hope you don't show up on camera tonight," he said to Thelma herself.

Cutler hopped back on his Instagram later to share that his "chicken guy Blake" dropped off a few more hens and that everyone was "on edge for tonight."

"So we're gonna stay up, get the cam going. Probably gonna sit in the treehouse over there. See what happens. See what comes through," Cutler said. "We owe it to the ladies tonight here. Especially our new residents. We gotta take care of them."

Alas, later in the day, Cutler returned to Instagram to share that a coming rainstorm may foil his plans - and indeed, on Thursday morning, he said the camera didn't show any pictures from the night before.

"No pictures on the cam, as expected," Cutler said. "We're obviously dealing with a pretty intelligent predator."

"I think it is safe to say it's not the cat. So I think we can take her off the suspect list," he added, exonerating Thelma. "Ladies all seem to be doing well. Everyone's pretty at ease so they obviously got good sleep. Oh boy. But the fun continues. We'll see what happens today."

Countless people followed the story closely on social media, with Cutler ultimately trending on Twitter. Some of those tweeting about the saga called for Cutler to have his own reality show.

"Producers at E! watching Jay Cutler hunt a chicken serial killer on his IG stories," tweeted Lauren Comitor, senior editor at "The Athletic Chicago," alongside a gif of Zach Galifinakis in "The Hangover" nodding as he says "That'll work."

"Would I watch an entire show of Jay Cutler narrating his farm animals’ antics? YES," an NFL blogger chimed in.

"Again, networks. Who is giving Jay Cutler his reality TV show?" asked NFL Network analyst Adam Rank.

Of course, Cutler fans know that a reality show wouldn't be too far out of his wheelhouse. He and then-wife Kristin Cavallari starred in "Very Cavallari" on E! for three seasons beginning in 2018.

Cavallari and Cutler announced in April that they had filed for divorce, ending their relationship that began in 2010. The two married in 2013 and share three children. In May, Cavallari announced that she would be ending their reality series.

But fans hopeful that Cutler might land a reality show gig of his own probably shouldn't hold their breath. When "Very Cavallari" was picked up for a second season, Cavallari posted a video in which she asked Cutler how excited he was for the show to continue. His answer?

"Hard pass."

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