Snow Storm Clean-Up Brings Northwest Indiana Residents Together

Volunteers came out to dig out stuck motorists

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On the corner of Indianapolis Blvd. and Marina Dr. in Hammond, a quiet business center quickly became a traffic nightmare, as numerous cars quickly became stuck in drive-thru's and parking lots.

“I wanted Taco Bell. Do I need to say anything else," Prentice Major said as volunteers worked to move his car out of the fast food restaurant.

Major's day did not get much better, as the restaurant he frequents was closed due to the storm. He did eventually make it out of the snow after three volunteers came to the rescue.

Among them a young man on an ATV retrofitted with a snow plow, clearing a path for drivers, an investment he made two years ago is now paying off.

“A guy at the gas station said somebody was stuck over here… I got gas came over here started helping him out and we got him out,” Margarito Zuniga Jr. told NBC-5 News as he took a break from clearing the roads.

Snow plow drivers continued their hard work after the storm dropped as much as a foot of snow in some locations.

“The good thing is you’re getting paid, the bad thing is you’re freezing” Orlando Derrick, who owns a small snow plow business, said.

Derrick has been clearing roads for a living for nearly two decades, and Wednesday's harsh weather was not going to keep him from going to work.

When asked if the weather was a deterrent, his answer was clear.

“No, this is white gold. This is white gold,” he said with a laugh.

The snow brought with it cold temperatures and a cutting wind strong enough to keep most folks inside. Those that ventured outside had a giving spirit, willing to brave the cold to help their neighbors dig out of trouble.

More snow is anticipated for Northwest Indiana over the evening, for a closer look at the forecast follow this link.

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