Thursday Snow Avoids City of Chicago

Minor snow accumulation seen in areas south, west of the city

The snowfall that was predicted to fall on Chicago on Thursday evening stayed to the south and west of the NBC Chicago viewing area, dropping nary a flake on the city.

Friday is expected to start off with sunshine but transition to rain by noon and then a rain/snow mix in the early evening hours. There's a possibility for minor accumulation in the northern Illinois counties as the system moves to the east.

Flurries continue into Saturday before the clouds begin to break. Temperatures will remain cold, with the mercury rising only to the mid-30s. Sunday is expected to be the sunnier of the two weekend days.

The area certainly has rebounded in snow totals in the past couple months. After an unseasonably warm, dry start of winter, Chicago saw 29.8 inches, including 10.2 inches so far in March. That's still below average, though.

The area typically sees 32.5 inches.

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