Snow? Maybe Next Year

The National Weather Service recorded a mere 1.6 inches so far, down from 10.6 inches in 2010

Winter Weather

Dreaming of snow drifts? You'll have to wait until next year for the real thing.

Predictions of blizzards and enough snow to make Chicagoans "want to move" have so far fallen flat.

The Windy City not only saw one of the latest first snowfalls in years, but we also recorded the least amount of it. The National Weather Service reported a mere 1.6 inches so far with nothing on the ground to show for it and no "white Christmas" in sight.

This time last year, 10.6 inches had dumped onto the area, and weather forecasters saw much worse this year.

In September, the Farmer’s Almanac warned of “clime and punishment” for many parts of the country and significant snowfall for the Midwest.'s long-range report issued in October predicted the Midwest and Great Lakes region would "hands down" be hit with the nation's worst winter. Chicago, in particular, was expected to get the most snow and cold.

Maybe next year. And we're not the only ones.

Though 15 inches of snow fell onto the southern Plains, snowfall amounts nationwide dropped 73 percent from last December and are 55 percent below average overall. Experts say this is the least amount of snow and the warmest weather in five years.

That's not bad news for holiday travelers. The weekend looks to be especially crisp and bright with highs in the 30s. Light snow is on the radar for Monday, but so far it's not looking blizzard-esque.

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