Snoop Dogg Crashes Chicago Hindu Wedding

Bride and groom get surprise picture with hip hop star

Rapper Snoop Dogg provided the memory of a lifetime for a Chicago bride and groom when he crashed their wedding photo on Sunday.

Photographer Chris Seibel was taking Joseph and Neesha Ghadiali's pictures at the Hard Rock Hotel when the hip-hop star walked through the lobby with his entourage. But it was the groom's mother who convinced him to take quick action.

"She said, 'Chris, do whatever you can to get a picture," Seibel said.

Seibel risked getting squashed by men he described as the "biggest security guards I've ever seen in my life" and approached the rapper to ask for a photo.

"He said, 'Absolutely, man.' He was so cool and calm," Seibel said.

As it turned out, it was the bride and groom who needed the coaxing.

"They were standing like 5 feet away from him, like they were afraid to get close, and I was like, 'C'mon, it's Snoop Dogg!" Seibel said.

"He was so tall!" Neesha Ghadiali told NBC 5 Monday before she and her new husband headed on their honeymoon.

Seibel snapped a few photos and was even more surprised by what happened next.

"He took his phone out of his pocket and was like, 'Hey dog, can you take a couple of photos for me?'" Seibel said.

The cell phone photos ended up on Snoop Dogg's Twitter and Instagram feeds with the caption "Jus got married."

"My friends are keeping us updated constantly us on the 'like' and comments, so it's kind of nice," Neesha Ghadiali siad.

The rapper headlined the North Coast Festival Sunday night.

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