Smokey's Players Of The Week

Mark It 8, Dude

Jonathan Toews - I'm running out of words to describe how inspirational the Captain has been. Eight points in four games tell their own story, but you have to watch to see what a long-dormant, now-enraged sea monster Toews has been. Count how many board battles he wins per game. Do not, under any circumstances, use it as a drinking game. You won't make it out of the 1st period. Watch how viciously he backchecks, chasing down opposing forwards. It's like watching a cheetah and a zebra. There's no chance. There are few things in sports as gratifying as watching a team leader strap a team to his back when they need it most. Toews is the very definition of that now.

Over The Line, Mark It Zero!

Michael Frolik - This is so harsh, because Frolik actually has played well. He has been active, showed a willingness to get to the hard areas, go to the middle, and get chances. But he's not scoring. And until he does, the Hawks are too top heavy. The Hawks need Frolik to become a threat, which he will soon. His shooting percentage of 4.5 percent is ridiculously unlucky for a forward, and would be impossible to maintain for much longer. But until the market on Frolik's net-denting corrects, he'll be a source of frustration.

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