Smokey's Player Of The Week

Getting outscored 14-4 by two teams that probably won't make the playoffs doesn't lend itself to a Players of the Week post all that simply, but we'll try. Clearly, one list is going to be longer than the other.

Mark It 8, Dude

Jonathan Toews - Four points in three games and was really a demon in Calgary without being able to drag his team along with him. Wherever the problems are, they probably don't lie here. Still, when a team fails to show up for two games in a row, you have to just glance at the leadership for a second. If Toews is the leader we all think and said he's been, this probably won't happen again.

Over The Line, Mark It Zero

The Defense - Yeah, that's about it for the good stuff. As for this, you can't give up 14 goals in two games. And while a lot of people want to have Duncan Keith's head on a stake at the moment, it isn't his fault despite what that -8 this weekend tells you. Well, it isn't entirely his fault. He wasn't very good, and we all know that. But those goals in Edmonton in the 1st weren't all off of him. Steve Montador whiffed on a check, Marcus Kruger completely bailed on a clearing attempt to avoid getting hit. Montador got a little pinchy. In Calgary, Lepisto lost track of Rene Bourque for one, Marian Hossa gave the puck away and made little attempt to stop the ensuing rush. Keith was on the ice for all of this. That's why plus-minus is a wonky way to measure a player's value in a game or season. Clearly, the unit is struggling without Brent Seabrook. We'd like to think that a team can survive one injury, but we're talking about one of the premier d-men in the league, just as we were when Keith was hurt. His absence will be felt.

The Goaltending - Clearly, the Hawks goalies were left out to dry for long stretches this week. But the same defensive mistakes were made in Vancouver that were in Alberta. Then, Corey Crawford bailed them out. This past weekend, he and Ray Emery didn't. You shouldn't require your goalie to put on a Broadway show every game to win, but occasionally they have to. These two didn't. Crawford hasn't been very good for a few weeks now, and it's of growing concern. Especially if the Hawks defense is going to be a gong-show reject.

Dave Bolland - Anyone seen him?

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