Smokey’s Player Of The Week


Well, we know the broadcasters aren't on the best list, that's for sure. Who was nice and who was naughty in the week of the Dad's Trip and a humbling loss to the Canucks.

Mark It Eight, Dude. Marian Hossa and Patrick Kane: Even as the Hawks defense got wonky, and the power play continues to be a baffling mess, these two made sweet music on the ice together.

A goal produced against Florida, another against Tampa, and dominating shifts everywhere in between. It's strictly a treasure to watch them play right now.

Over The Line, Mark It Zero. Too many candidates for this.

Brent Seabrook and Niklas Hjalmarsson: In Duncan Keith's absence, these two were saddled with being the top pair and had the assignment of shutting down the top scoring threats on on the opponent. They failed miserably. Looking slow and jittery with the puck, even when they could clear the zone they couldn't do it while maintaining possession, causing even more pressure to be heaped on the Hawks.

All you need to know is that in practice today, with Keith returning to health, these two were split up.

The Power Play: Do we need to talk any more about this? It can't get in the zone, it can't get set up when it does, and it can't score when it actually accomplishes the first two. Not a good combo.

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