Smith, Goodell Make Nice in Front of Cameras

Big victories were scored in the area of symbolism after Thursday's labor negotiations between the NFL owners and players. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and players representative DeMaurice Smith stood next to each other when addressing the media.

Grizzly Detail consulted with Dr. Wejustmadeherup,* a body language analyst,** to find out just what their body language means.

"The fact that the two of them are next to each other means very good things. In fact, it means that the lockout should end in 18.2 days, and on that occasion, the two will embrace and then douse each other in champagne, just like any sporting celebration."

Anything else, Dr. Wejustmadeherup?

"Goodell should stand straight. That posture is bad for his back."

Thanks, doc. All joking aside, it seems like a small thing, but just a few months ago, they would never share the same doorway, much less the same podium. The owners and players were locked in court battles and couldn't even sit down at the same negotiating table.

Now, the court case is still there, but the two most visible players in negotiations will share a camera frame, and make jokes about the negotiations. It may be slow progress to get the lockout lifted in time for a full pre-season, but slow progress is better than none at all.

* Not a real person
** Not actually an analyst because the person doesn't exist

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