This Sud's For You

Not small beer, but a small price.

A recently launched Chi-based site has started publishing a list of daily Chi food and drink specials (but mostly drinks), providing a short list of recommended discounts which you can filter by hood.

Launched by a Logan Square Internet entrepreneur, publishes one recommended special per day, e.g., today's $5 Captain Morgan Drinks at Will's Northwoods Inn in Lakeview. The site also displays a rundown of other cheap options, from $4 Goose Island pints (at Handlebar in Wicker Park), $5 Martinis (Lizard's Liquid Lounge in Irving Park), and $2 Pabst tall boys at Wrigleyville's Risque Cafe -- which'll surely become more risque with every 16 ounce curl.

"I created the site because a bunch of friends of mine, we'd all go out on a weekly basis, and where we'd go out was determined mostly by what place had a drink special or a cheap burger," said SmallTabs creator Matthew Mesker. Before he built SmallTabs, Mesker would comb sites like Yelp and Metromix for specials, but decided the city needed that info collected in one convenient place.

Indiscriminate drinkers can browse all the specials, while more persnickety boozers can choose a neighborhood to see relevant bars and specials.  Once you choose a special, click through to see the bar's address, it's location on a Google Map, and a list of daily specials at that location.

Then raise a glass to saving money, and getting to work late tomorrow morning.

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