Smaller Version of Iconic ‘Bean' Sculpture Unveiled in New York City

British artist Anish Kapoor is the sculptor behind both projects

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After years of delays, a smaller version of Chicago's iconic "Cloud Gate" sculpture, more commonly known as "The Bean", has been unveiled in New York City.

Also designed by British artist Anish Kapoor, the Cloud Gate's successor was delayed multiple times after its 2018 proposal due to COVID-19 travel restrictions preventing the installation crew from entering the U.S., according to Curbed.

The New York iteration is smaller than the original Chicago sculpture that opened in 2006, weighing just 40 tons compared to the 100 tons the original weighs.

This sculpture is also a bit awkwardly placed, resting in a corner outside a luxury tower in Manhattan's Tribeca neighborhood.

After years of delays, a smaller version of Chicago’s iconic “Cloud Gate” sculpture, more commonly known as “The Bean”, has been unveiled in New York City.

Over 11 years after the original Cloud Gate sculpture opened, Anish Kapoor took his first selfie in front of the now globally-recognized artwork in Millennium Park, calling the visit back to The Bean "emotional and strange."

While Kapoor is the artist by the still-unnamed Cloud Gate successor, a sculpture that looks eerily similar opened in China in 2015, leading to threats of legal action from Kapoor.

It's unclear if any legal action was ultimately pursued.

As for Kapoor's New York City sculpture, a naming ceremony is scheduled to be held at some point this spring, according to Curbed.

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