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Baby Pinned Under Car Escapes Injury

Police say driver lost control, drove into Kely Cleaners-Laundry



    A 4-month-old boy escaped serious injury after being caught under a car that smashed into a Skokie dry cleaners on Tuesday. Emily Florez reports. (Published Tuesday, June 25, 2013)

    A baby escaped serious injury Tuesday after being trapped underneath a car that smashed through the window of a suburban dry cleaning business.

    Three people inside Kely Cleaners-Laundry, in the 4600 block of Golf Road, in Skokie, escaped serious injury when the car crashed into the business. Police said the driver lost control.

    Once the dust cleared, those inside immediately began looking for the 4-month-old boy. He was found underneath the car.

    The baby's father owns the business next door and rushed over to help.

    "He backed the car up and I was so happy. The child was in the middle and he didn't come near any of the tires. He didn't come near any of the metal under the car," said store owner Chris Ibrahim.

    The boy had a cut to his head and arm but was expected to be OK.