Sister Jean Responds to Jalen Rose's Grandma: ‘We'll See What Happens'

"I hope we see each other. I hope we meet there," Sister Jean said Friday

Will the battle of the Final Four's oldest fans require boxing gloves? 

"We'll see what happens," Sister Jean Dolores Schmidt told a room full of reporters Friday. 

The 98-year-old nun said she saw the 100-year-old grandma of former University of Michigan alum Jalen Rose challenging her on social media.

"I think I heard that she said she's out to get me," Sister Jean said. "So we'll see."


Grammie has a Final Four message for Sister Jean!! #GoBlue #Keepingit100

A post shared by Jalen Rose (@jalenvseverybody) on Mar 25, 2018 at 3:58pm PDT

Rose, a member of the "Fab Five" who helped the Wolverines' reach two NCAA Finals in 1992 and 1993, posted a video to Instagram Monday showing his “grammie” Mary Belle Hicks offering up a message to the 98-year-old Chicago fan.

“Sister Jean, it's been a good ride, but it’s over Saturday,” Hicks, decked out in Michigan gear, warns. "Go Blue! One hundred."

Will the two come face-to-face as their beloved teams battle it out?

"I hope we see each other. I hope we meet there," Sister Jean said Friday. "I love to meet people."

The Loyola University men's basketball team chaplain bolted into the spotlight as one of the biggest stars of the competition so far. The 98-year-old has become a best-selling bobbleheadappeared on T-shirts and other gear supporting the Chicago team, and was even celebrated in lego form.

"I think to myself, 'Oh my, don't let it go to your head,'" she said, adding earlier that "everything seemed to mushroom." 

Sister Jean, who traveled to San Antonio to be with the team that has consistently pulled off miracle wins this March Madnes and earned their spot in history, said she's just grateful to experience the journey with the players.

"It’s just so much fun for me to be here and I almost didn’t get here, but I fought hard enough to get that because I wanted to be with the guys," she said. 

Though she's always hoping for a win, Sister Jean offered up some words of wisdom for fans nervous about what's to come this weekend.  

"God always hears, but maybe he thinks it’s better for us to do the 'L' instead of the 'W' and we have to accept that," she said. 

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