Should Forte Play in the Pro Bowl?

He earned it, but is it worth the risk?

Even though Matt Forte missed the last four games of the season with a sprained MCL, he still made the Pro Bowl. The man racked up 1,487 yards from scrimmage - more than all but six running backs. A phenomenal season, even with the bum leg.

So should he play in the Pro Bowl? Absolutely.

First, he earned it. The first Bears Pro Bowl RB since Neal Anderson. That's a minor eternity. The man deserves a trip to Hawaii.

Second, the chances of another injury are slim. Sure, you have freak cases like Robert Edwards, the Patriots RB injured in a game of flag football. But the Pro Bowl is a different kind of football. No blitzing. Wide-open running lanes. Hawaii, for Pete's sake.

Third, he needs to remind the Bears how much he's worth. Remember that he's a free agent in a few weeks. Plenty of teams would dish out heavy cash for a young, explosive back. How would he look in Lions blue, for example?

If Forte puts on a show at the Pro Bowl, he'll demonstrate he's completely healed and he'll make other teams salivate. The Bears owe Forte a contract that pays him retroactively for his great year and invests in good years to come.

And if the Bears won't cut that check, a big day in Hawaii will help Forte earn his money elsewhere.

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