Shots Meant for Tony Peraica's Home

Police: Gunman hit neighbor's house in the darkness

A gunman opened fire early Wednesday on a house in the same block where Cook County Commissioner Tony Peraica lives, and police believe the commissioner's home was the real target.

Five to seven bullets hit the Riverside home that is next-door to Peraica's around 3 a.m. Small caliber rounds hit the front door and front window of the home, Riverside Police Chief Thomas Weitzel told the Riverside/Brookfield Landmark.

Peraica said he also believes the bullets were meant for his house.

Five of the bullets went through a window, but no one was hurt.

Police think it was a drive-by shooting, and are looking for a dark, midsize four-door with a loud muffler, according to the Landmark.

"This wasn't a random act of violence," Weitzel told the paper.

A special police watch has been put on Peraica's home.

Peraica, a Republican, has been a loud critic of Board President Todd Stroger, and ran against him in 2006.

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