Authorities Conducting Recovery Effort in DuPage River After 2 Go Missing

Authorities say that a man was spotted in the water, and that a woman jumped in to try to help him

UPDATE: A body has been found amid the search. Latest information here


Emergency crews searched for two people missing near a DuPage River dam in a suburban Shorewood park late Sunday, according to officials.

The search was expected to resume Monday morning with dive teams conducting what authorities are now calling "a recovery effort." 

First responders received a call of a person in the water at approximately 5:45 p.m. Sunday, according to officials. A woman saw a man in the water near the dam, and jumped in to help him.

Now, officials say that both individuals are missing, and a recovery effort is underway to try to find them. Authorities said the search will resume Monday morning at 8 a.m. 

Numerous fire departments are assisting in the effort, including those from Troy, Wilmington, and Joliet, officials say.

A witness who was at Hamel woods when the frantic search was called reported seeing two people apparently struggling to get out of the water. Recovery efforts so far were focused on an area near the dam where people have been reported stuck in previous years. 

Signs in the area warn people to stay away and the search itself has posed a danger to firefighters and dive teams. 

"It’s dangerous for anybody because a. it’s cold out, b. the water is really cold and c. the terrain in that area is not the easiest to get around on," said Troy Fire Chief Andy Doyle. "So it’s not the safest thing to be working around."

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