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Shopper Recounts Moments When Shooting Erupted in Oak Forest Grocery Store

The suspect, Ketura Wilson, 21, was shot by police and died from her injuries, authorities stated

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A 21-year-old woman was killed and a police officer sustained injuries in a shooting Sunday at the Food 4 Less grocery store in south suburban Oak Forest, authorities said.

Oak Forest police said when officers responded to assist a motorist, the driver fled and went into the grocery store where she exchanged gunfire with officers. The suspect, Ketura Wilson, 21, of Calumet City, died from her injuries, police said. A unidentified Oak Forest police officer was hospitalized in serious, but stable condition.

One shopper, Jackie Human, said she and her husband went to Food 4 Less for their weekly grocery shopping trip and heard gunfire while inside the store.

"I was kind of dumbfounded. I’m in Food 4 Less, why am I hearing gunshots and where are they coming from?" she questioned. "It sounded like somebody emptied a magazine, just boom boom boom boom boom."

Human ran toward the back of the building along with several other shoppers.

After about 10 minutes, she said the store became quiet, and then police escorted everyone out.

"As I walked out with the officers, there was what I believe to be an officer wounded in the produce area, he did look alive," Human stated.

Josh Graham told NBC 5 he witnessed what happened prior to the shooting inside the grocery store.

Graham was driving with his family a few blocks away on 159th Street when he said he saw the woman with the gun.

"A car pulled out of the Subway parking lot and t-boned her, and the lady got out of the car her gun drawn walking toward the SUV," he said. "The lady with the gun came out of the car lot right next to our vehicle, and she basically looked right into our face."

Approximately 40 minutes after the initial tweet, city officials said the suspect was in custody and said there was no longer a threat to the public. The shooting is under investigation by the Illinois State Police Public Integrity Task Force.

"It’s scary, you can’t even go do something as routine as your Sunday grocery shopping without having to worry if you’re going to go home," Human said.

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