Sheen's Ex “Goddess” Stars In Racy Chicago Billboard

Hookup web site plans more billboards throughout city

Drivers passing through the intersection of Ontario and Clark are in for a double take.

A new billboard for hookup web site debuted Wednesday featuring porn star Bree Olson and the tag line "Because the best job is a b*** job."

Olson is best known as one of Charlie Sheen's "goddesses" when the actor when through his public meltdown a couple of years ago.

The web site helps woman find "mutually beneficial arrangements" -- ergo, rich guys who don't mind having a girl at his beck and call -- and the Chicago billboard is the first in the country to feature Olson in the current campaign.

According to a company news release, Chicago was chosen for the roll-out for the campaign because the city has more registered users on the Web site than any other city, including three women for every man.

Officials say more of the billboards are planned for other locations throughout the city.

It's not the first time a billboard has raised eyebrows in Chicago. A "butt cancer" billboard caused controversy last year, Merlin Media LLC covered more than 200 billboards using the face of former Gov. Rob Blagojevich due to listener complaints, and protestors objected to anti-abortion billboards depicting President Obama in 2011.

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