Coach Says Shea McClellin Would Make a Great Squirrel Hunter

Matt Byrne

He is colorful, he is funny and he is protective of his "backers.

So when Bears linebacker coach Reggie Herring was asked if converted defensive end Shea McClellin has the instincts to play strong side linebacker full time, the eloquent Herring compared it to squirrel hunting.

"You can either hunt or you can't" Herring said. "He has instincts, he's got great instincts" Herring said of McClellin. "Take him squirrel hunting, he'll knock the eyes out of them!"

"But don't shoot those brown ones though, the brown ones are precious, especially in Illinois."

Herring went on to explain the history behind the demise of the brown squirrel population -- which we can't repeat for fear of ruining the reputation of brown squirrels -- but it has to do with one squirrel surviving and starting the breed again after a LOOONNNGGG winter alone.

Bottom line for McClellin?

"Shea has shown enough out here that I believe he has linebacker instincts. I think Shea is going to be fine," Herring said.

As for the brown squirrel population? They're hoping it's not another successful hunting season, and another cold Chicago winter.

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