Shea McClellin Has the Best Nickname

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First-round draft pick Shea McClellin is a small-town boy, and that small town gave birth to the best nickname in the history of nicknames.

In a Chicago Bears' website Q and A, McClellin was asked about his nickname. He answered:

"I have a bunch of nicknames, but some of them are inappropriate. I’d say ‘CDR’ for Chicken Dinner Road [where he grew up].”

First, I'd still like to know the inappropriate names. Secondly, CHICKEN DINNER ROAD? There are few nicknames better than that one. "Night Train" Lane and "Three-Finger" Mordecai Brown are about it. "Sweetness" is the only Bears' nickname that can top it.

He also answered questions about doing chores on the farm. McClellin said he fixed fences, fed the animals, and just did whatever work needed to be done. A mentality like that will serve him well on a defensive line dominated by Julius Peppers. Sometimes, it will be his job to take pressure off of Peppers so he can break through and get to the quarterback. Sometimes, he'll be expected to cut through and use his speed to get to the quarterback himself.

As a first-round draft pick, expectations will be high for him and the team. The pass rush will need to take a step up for the Bears to win a Super Bowl, but if they do? The team can all head to Idaho to celebrate on Chicken Dinner Rd.

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