Sexting Teacher Agrees to Plea Deal

A Northwest Indiana teacher accused of sexting his students agreed to a plea deal Wednesday.

Bryan Tyman, 45, a former teacher at Portage's William Fegely Middle School, pleaded guilty to two counts of soliciting sex with a child.

Tyman admitted sending sexually explicit text messages, with pictures, to four students on at least two occasions.

It's a deal that could keep him out of prison, but the judge may not be on board and has the option of throwing the deal out.

"He's lost his livelihood, he's been publicly humiliated, he's gonna have a year of home detention, which is significant," Tyman's lawyer, Bryan Truitt, said.

Tyman could also receive six years probation in addition to the home monitoring.

"Just hearing him admit to things was most upsetting, because you've been reading things and listening to people talk to us about the case, but actually hearing him admit to the charges was the most disheartening," parent Heather Antecki said.

Some of the parents now say they hope the judge doesn't accept the plea deal.

"I could tell the judge was extremely disgusted by what she was hearing and what she was reading," parent Roy Peeler said. "She's a fair judge and she's for the children."

The judge took the issue under advisement and will issue her ruling when the parties are due back in court Nov. 3.

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