Sewer Rates Could Triple in Chicago Suburb

Residents in one Chicago suburb could see more money drained from their pockets if a new rate hike takes effect.

According to a report from the Daily Herald, sewer bills in suburban Prospect Heights could triple if the city council votes to increase rates. The rate hike could triple monthly sewer rates for residents, with the money going toward improving an aging sanitary system, according to the paper.

Homeowners would have to pay $20 per month, while the current plan only charges residents $6.50 per month.

According to the most recent city council agenda, the proposal would increase rates in fiscal year 2018 to $20 per month, and would increase the rate incrementally until residents would be paying $22.50 per month in 2022.

Meanwhile, businesses would see their rates increase from $8.00 per month to $24.50 per month, according to the proposal. That rate would increase to $27.50 per month by fiscal year 2022.

The council will vote on the measure on Monday night in their workshop meeting. If the measure passes, then a second vote would take place on July 24, according to the Daily Herald report.  

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