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Severe Storms Topple Trees and Damage Cars in Chicago Area

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From the North and South Sides of Chicago to the suburbs, fierce storms brought down tree limbs and branches Saturday afternoon and even damaged some vehicles.

“I was inside the house, the thunderstorm was happening,” said Eli Montes, who lives in Norridge. “It was coming down quite hard. I went to the restroom—I just heard like a loud boom.”

Montes said his wife came home shortly after and let him know a tree at the corner came down and was blocking the street.

“I imagine lighting just struck it right through the middle,” Montes said.

The tree barely missed two homes and another resident's parked car.

“We heard a loud bang, my sister started freaking out, telling me I got to move my car,” said Tim Micek. “I looked out the front door, and the tree was a foot or two from crushing my car.”

No one was hurt when the tree came crashing down. Micek said he was just glad he was spared once again.  

“I’ve kinda had a streak of bad luck lately, so surprised my car didn’t get destroyed,” he said.

The day started out dangerously hot and humid with the heat index reaching close to 100 degrees in Chicago.

“Oh man, it is hot and as you can see my face is I think a little red,” said Lucy Crabtree, who is visiting from Tennessee.

Many families spent the afternoon staying cool at splash pads, at the beach and along the lakefront before the heavy downpour.

“I feel like this year has been a crazy one,” Montes said. “I mean we’re getting a little bit of everything, that’s just how it is. That’s Chicago for you.”

Chicago is expecting another hot and humid day on Sunday. City officials have issued reminders for residents to limit time outdoors, drink plenty of water and check on elderly neighbors if possible.

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