Services Held for Couple Killed in Michigan Shooting

At Broadview Missionary Baptist Church Saturday, uniformed police officers stood in somber silence as they remembered Sergeant James Eric Davis Sr. and his wife Diva Davis.

The couple was gunned down last week, allegedly by their son James Davis Jr., at Central Michigan University.

“I knew both of them. Very beautiful people,” Colonel Rodney Boyd said.

Davis Sr., a member of the Bellwood Police Department, served in Iraq for five years before becoming a police officer.

Davis’ wife Diva, a mother of three and American Airlines flight attendant, was also a breast cancer survivor, and both she and her husband were remembered fondly on Saturday.

“I just remember them being a nice quiet family that cared for one another and also always came out and studied God’s word - brought the children to the church to make sure they were in church,” Pastor Harvey Bond said. “They were just a great family.”

Loved ones and family are still trying to figure out why Davis Jr. allegedly shot his parents to death in a dormitory at Central Michigan University.

“They don’t know what happened, but they know that this was not the Eric they had known and loved for many years,” Davis family attorney Brent Hopper said.

Burial services for the Davis’ will be carried out at a later date. 

A wake will be held Friday for the suburban couple that police said was killed by their own son. 
Services for James and Diva Davis, of Plainfield, will be held at Johnson's Funeral Home on Chicago's West Side beginning at 4 p.m. 
A funeral for the couple was scheduled to take place Saturday in Broadview. 
James Davis Sr. was a part-time police officer in the village of Bellwood, officials said. A military veteran, he grew up in the area and was "like a pillar of the community," Mayor Andrew Harvey said. 
Authorities said their son, James Eric Davis Jr., fatally shot them in his dorm room at Central Michigan University last Friday. He was captured early Saturday after a 16-hour manhunt in Mount Pleasant, Michigan.
He faces murder and gun charges and was ordered held on $3 million bail. James Eric Davis Jr. was taken to a hospital after his arrest and moved the Isabella County jail on Wednesday. 
The Davis family released a statement Tuesday to let James Eric Davis Jr. know "he has not been abandoned."
"In this very difficult time, the Davis family wants to express their love and support for Eric Junior whom they love and for him to know that he has not been abandoned," a release from an attorney on behalf of the family read. "Further, they want it known that Eric Junior is their main focus."
"They would also like to thank the friends and coworkers of Sergeant Davis and Mrs. Davis for all of the prayers and condolences that they have extended," the statement continued. 

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