‘Serial Stowaway' Marilyn Hartman Goes Free From Jail

Hartman is to return to court for a status date next March

So-called “serial stowaway” Marilyn Hartman was freed from custody Friday morning under an agreement where she will be placed on GPS-based electronic monitoring to keep her away from Chicago’s airports.

Following a series of bizarre episodes at O’Hare and Midway airports last spring, Hartman has spent the last 145 days at Cook County Jail. During a hearing before Judge William Raines Thursday morning, she agreed to plead guilty to charges of reckless conduct and criminal trespass to land. 

Hartman was sentenced to mental health probation, with a caveat that she must stay away from so-called “exclusion zones," specifically O’Hare and Midway, Chicago Union Station and the South Shore station at Millenium Park.

Hartman was expected to be transported Friday to Sacred Heart Nursing Home in the 1500 block of South Albany.  She will wear an ankle bracelet set to warn police if she comes within 2,500 feet of any of the locations she is prohibited from visiting.

Raines warned Hartman that “a lot of time and energy” had been spent on making sure she got the help she needed, and he advised her to follow the court’s instructions to the letter.

“If not, you’re forcing me to send you to jail,” he said. 

Hartman is to return to court for a status date next March. Barring any future incidents, she would be freed from probation in 2017.


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