O'Hare Airport

‘Serial Stowaway' Marilyn Hartman Discovered Back At O'Hare Airport

Police say they were alerted after Hartman's electronic ankle bracelet set off an alarm

So-called "serial stowaway" Marilyn Hartman, who claims to have hopped aboard dozens of flights and has confounded law enforcement in multiple cities, was arrested Tuesday afternoon at O'Hare airport.

Hartman, awaiting sentencing for a previous O'Hare attempt in 2019, has been free on electronic monitoring, staying at a shelter on Chicago's West Side.

The Cook County Sheriff's Office said in a statement, that their investigators were alerted that Hartman's electronic ankle bracelet had gone beyond the range of the location where she was housed.

"Staff attempted to contact Hartman using the phone built into the device," the statement said. "Hartman did not answer."

Sheriff's investigators said the device indicated that she was traveling toward O'Hare Airport.

"While investigators were en route to O'Hare, the Sheriff's office notified police that Hartman appeared to be heading toward the airport, and at 1:38 notified Chicago Police that she was in the vicinity of Terminal 1," the statement said. "An alarm siren was activated on Hartman's device, and she was taken into custody by Chicago Police."

Authorities said Hartman did not enter any secure areas, and that they will seek charges of felony escape.

Hartman, 69, has been treated for a variety of mental health issues.

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