September Hot Spell Ends

Sunday highs top out at 74, and Labor Day is expected to be even cooler.

cloudy chicago

Temperatures are feeling much more comfortable following a hot start to September.

After three straight days of hot and humid weather, cooler air moved into the area for the remainder of the holiday weekend.

Sunday highs are aimed at 74 thanks to breezy northwest winds, and Labor Day is expected to be even cooler with highs reaching 67.

But those milder temperatures came with a cost. Severe thunderstorms raked the area Saturday afternoon, bringing with it high winds and dropping torrents of rain.

Saturday's game between the Chicago Cubs and the Pittsburgh Pirates was halted for 91 minutes in the seventh inning.

A severe thunderstorm warning was allowed to expire at 3 p.m.  That was followed by a severe thunderstorm watch, which was dropped hours before its original 11 p.m. expiration.

The National Weather Service on Sunday issued a rip current warning along both the Illinois and Indiana shores of Lake Michigan. Rip currents, powerful channels of water occurring most often at low spots or breaks in a sandbar, are likely through Wednesday morning.

Swimmers are urged to pay attention to lifeguard and posted signs.
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