“Margin of Error” Supports Burris

Poll shows virtually no support for re-election bid

In an early poll of potential candidates for the U.S. Senate in 2010, Roland Burris is pulling just slightly more than the margin of error.

Only 5.3 percent of likely voters in a Democratic primary say they would vote for Burris.

State Treasurer Alexi Giannoulias and state Comptroller Dan Hynes lead the field, with 28.1 percent  and 26.8 percent.

"Burris's media and political consultant, Delmarie Cobb, said early polls can be deceiving," the Sun-Times reports. "She pointed out the fact Burris led in some early name-recognition polls before the 2002 gubernatorial race, while eventual winner Rod Blagojevich trailed."

Well, yes, but that logic only holds if somehow people become less familiar with Burris. It's not as if either Giannoulias or Hynes has more name recognition than Burris. Neither has been made fun of on national TV.

"I think once we get past all this negative coverage and get on to Roland's record, it will change," Cobb told the Sun-Times.

Like the record of how he got his appointment?

"Roland has done far more than Dan Hynes and Giannoulias put together, in terms of record."

If by record, you mean how many times you've been recorded by federal investigators - or possibly how many times you've amended the record - then yes.

His 5.3 percent showing wasn't even the worst of it.

According to WBBM, "The results In a hypothetical match-up against two other Democrats and two Republicans ...  the Zogby poll suggests Sen. Roland Burris would come in dead-last with .6 percent of those who indicated a preference. That translates to only *ONE* person selecting Burris out of the 167 people who gave a preference."

And for all we know, that one person was Delmarie Cobb.

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