Crashes Snarl Kennedy Expressway Ahead of Morning Commute

At least two crashes involving semi trucks snarled the Kennedy Expressway ahead of the Thursday morning commute. 

Around 4:30 a.m., a jackknifed semi on I-90 inbound near Division caused major a major back-up in the local lanes, halting traffic before being cleared roughly an hour later. The incident impacted express lanes as well, as the truck cracked a concrete barrier, blocking the right express lane. 

Just a few miles north, reports of a crash involving a semi and possibly a taxi halted traffic on the inbound Kennedy as well, this one at Harlem. Further details on the crash, including information on injuries, was not immediately available. 

Overnight storms left roads slick ahead of the morning commute, with authorities warning drivers to use extra caution when driving. For live traffic updates, click here.

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