‘Secret Santa' Gifts White Castle Workers With Envelopes Containing $500

A 'Secret Santa' is spreading Christmas cheer to some fast food employees in Chicago.

Employees at a White Castle at 79th and Harlem said a man came in with his young daughter on Tuesday and asked how many workers were in the restaurant.

Manager Donna Geralds said she heard yelling in the restaurant. At first, she thought they were getting robbed.

“I opened it and was like oh my God ‘who gave us this?’,” Geralds asked her employee. “She said he gave everyone one and I looked through the camera and I saw the man and the girl.”

Geralds said her employee ran to the office with five white envelopes in hand that contained $500 each. She said they both ran into the parking lot and told the man they couldn’t accept the money.

But the man said to them: “It’s a gift, your castle was chosen.” They then asked if they could get hugs.
The man didn’t disclose his name, but referred to himself as “Secret Santa.”

Minutes later, employees at a White Castle on 63rd and Cicero witnessed the miracle too. The group of five employees were so excited they chased him for a name or at least a photo.

One employee’s wife had just had a baby. Another just happened to be there that night after requesting to work extra hours to make ends meet. Both said it was a Christmas miracle.

“Believe, believe and be grateful,” an employee said. “Don’t stop believing there are good people in this world.”

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