Second Cougar Sighting in Wheaton

First sighting was Sept. 4

There have been more reported sightings of a large black cat, possibly a cougar, in suburban Chicagoland.

On Tuesday, police checked near the alleged sighting, in the area of Cole and Bridle near a creek in Wheaton and found a possible paw print.

That print will be examined by a wildlife expert.

On Monday, a man stopped short of declaring he'd seen a mountain lion, but said he saw a big cat while he was northbound on Raymond Drive and Diehl Road in Naperville, the Downer's Grove Sun reported.

A jogger on Sept. 4 claimed to have seen a large black cat near a bridge in Northside Park.  She said the cat appeared to be larger than her 60 pound dog.

There are no big cats native to the United States which are black in color, police said.

Anyone who sees an unusual animal is asked to call 911.

A year and a half ago, Chicago police put down a cougar that was found roaming the streets on Chicago's North Side.

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