Second City Ranks Sixth for Ticketing Drivers

Chicago's ranking could rise with the rollout of Mayor Emanuel's speed cameras program

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Chicago ranks high for a distinction that leaves drivers seeing orange tickets on their windshields.
A new report from the National Motorists Association reveals Chicago is the sixth most-ticketed U.S. city. Only Atlanta, Los Angeles, Dallas-Fort Worth, Miami and New York beat out Chicago for better chances of getting a parking or speeding ticket. 
The NMA in part calculated how often the phrases "traffic ticket" and "speeding ticket" were searched online around the country and found Chicago among the top.

It could get worse later this year.
Mayor Rahm Emanuel's plan to roll out speed cameras could push Chicago's unwanted ranking, said NMA spokesperson John Bowman.
"I would anticipate with a much higher volume of tickets being generated it will have an [effect]," he told The Expired Meter blog. "It wouldn't surprise me."
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