Search Underway for Alligator Spotted in Lynwood Lake

An alligator was spotted in a small residential lake in south suburban Lynwood on Wednesday, according to officials

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A search is underway after an alligator was spotted in a south suburban Lynwood lake, according to officials.

On Wednesday, emergency officials responded to reports of the reptile being spotted in Lake Lynwood and a photo taken by a neighbor seems to confirm the alligator’s presence.

“Hopefully, we capture it safely, humanely, and we can get it somewhere where it can live out the rest of its life,” said Keenan Newton, a Lynwood firefighter.

An expert hired by the conservation police and a team of firefighters are currently on the lookout and are using floating traps and a drone in an attempt to locate the alligator.

Officials say the water in the small residential lake presents a challenge, since there’s about two to three inches of visibility and are urging residents to keep their distance to improve their chances of catching the alligator.

“I’m petrified,” said resident Charmaine Kennedy. “I didn’t even come out and water the flowers because I was afraid he would come along.”

This isn’t the first time the search for a gator has been underway in the region, in July 2019 Chance the Snapper caught the nation’s attention after he was caught in Chicago’s Humbolt Park neighborhood.

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