Search Suspended for Aurora Teen Swept into Lake Michigan

Police conducted seven dives Friday in and around the harbor, according to authorities

Recovery crews suspended their search Friday for a suburban high school senior who was swept into Diversey Harbor amid high waves in Lake Michigan.

On Thursday, 18-year-old Ivan Echevarria was with a friend seeking a better view when a wave hit the pier on Thursday, sweeping him from behind and into the water, a friend told NBC Chicago.

The CFD received a call over the incident around 11:44 a.m., and four divers tried to find the teen but were unsuccessful, according to Chicago Fire Department Larry Langford.

The fire department called off the water search around 1 p.m. because there was no visibility in the water, which was 33 degrees, Langford said. The area of the search was under extreme agitation, making it dangerous for divers at that point, he added.

On Friday, heartbroken family members looked on as Chicago Police Marine Unit divers once again searched for Echevarria’s body.

“I found out last night by my friend,” Jessica Bermudez, the teen’s cousin, said. “I couldn’t believe it until my cousin told me, that's when I believed it.”

Officials say Echevarria could not survive the water temperatures and rough conditions.
News of the tragedy spread throughout Echevarria’s hometown in Aurora. The high school senior was about to graduate from East Aurora High School. School officials said he was popular and passionate about cars and computers.

Police conducted seven dives Friday in and around the harbor, according to authorities. Investigators have not said when they will resume the search.

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