Body Found in Lake Michigan Following 7-Hour Search: Evanston Fire Officials

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First responders in Evanston recovered the body of a 20-year-old man in Lake Michigan late Saturday night, hours after learning the individual entered the water and hadn't resurfaced, authorities said.

Firefighters with the Evanston Fire Department initially responded to Clark Street Beach at approximately 12:57 p.m. after a woman and her daughter became caught in a rip current and "got sucked out into the water," officials said.

Bystanders jumped in and attempted to rescue the mother and daughter before emergency personnel arrived on the scene. Firefighters went in the water and managed to save both the mother and daughter. A third man who jumped in to help was able to free himself, authorities said.

All three individuals were taken to area hospitals for treatment. The mother was reported to be in critical condition, according to a press release from EFD. The daughter and man were both said to be in good condition.

Firefighters were leaving the scene when they noticed clothing and other belongings on the beach. Authorities checked cameras and determined an individual entered the lake, went underwater and didn't resurface.

The man entered the water before firefighters responded to the first incident, authorities said.

With the unpredictably of the waters this time of year and beaches closed, authorities pleaded with families to be mindful of water safety.

"It could be a beautiful day, but you don’t know what the beaches are doing," Evanston Fire Chief Paul Polep said. "It’s why you should be very mindful of what you’re doing before you going in the water, be aware of all your surroundings."

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