“Scarface School Play” Causes Trouble for Local School

The video is a hoax

A viral Internet video that’s been wowing the web with its precocious interpretation of drug trafficking and murder is causing headaches for one suburban grade school.

“You do coke and you kill people, that’s wonderful Tony,” doesn’t sound quite as defiant coming from a 5-year-old but its far more disturbing.

The line a flurry of “fudge you’s” comes from “Scarface School Play,” a YouTube video with nearly 280,000 views that features grade-school children reenacting a scene the famous Al Pacino movie.

It’s not an actual school play. Director Marc Klasfield, of Lady Gaga video fame, reportedly produced it probably somewhere in LA, TMZ reports.

But the author of the YouTube clip, cindymomof6, lists Bartonville, Illinois as her hometown and that has given parents of Bartonville Grade School District 66 cause for concern.

Superintendent Shannon Duling has fielded scores of phone calls about the video that range from incensed to disappointed.

“We’re a really small school so most people know that it didn’t happen here,” Duling said. “Most of our parents are just upset that we’re getting a bad rap.”

But a few callers fell for the hoax.

“One called and was upset because they thought it actually happened here,” he said. “I think it’s interesting how quickly people jump to conclusions.”

Duling didn’t share details of those conversations with NBC, but viewers have written in to the same tune.

“They are doing Scarface!!! Is this what the education system is doing, is this what tax dollars are being spent on?!” viewer Michael Brown wrote in an email.

To set the record straight, Barton Elementary hasn’t staged a single play this year. Their junior high school kids are working on a production of “The Diary of Anne Frank."

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