Satan Worshipper Takes Bite Out of Boy

Sentenced to one year in jail

A Satan worshipper and self-proclaimed white supremacist has been sentenced to a year in jail for biting a 9-year-old boy.

Dmitriy V. Sklyarov, 20, of rural Muncie, Indiana, pleaded guity to battery charges and was fined $100 fine under a plea agreement in which prosecutors dismissed a charge of neglect of a dependent.

Investigators said Sklyarov bit the boy at least 13 times on the arms and legs last Oct. 8. His public defender decribed the incident as horseplay after the child he was watching bit him. 

"I bit him back," Sklyarov said.

"Multiple times, correct?" the public defender asked.

"Yes," the defendant answered.

Sklyarov is currently serving a 90-day sentence for contempt of court for shouting "Heil Hitler!" and "white power" at a different judge that was hearing the case. 

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