Oprah's Ratings Soar With Palin Appearance

Former Alaskan governor gives Oprah Winfrey highest ratings in two years

There should be no doubt that former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is an attention-getter.

Her new book is already a best-seller, and her hourlong appearance on "The Oprah Winfrey Show" earlier this week helped the show earn an 8.7 household rating, the New York Times reported. That means about 10 million televisions --- nearly 9 percent of all televisions in the country -- were tuned in. 

It was Oprah's highest-rated episode since the Osmond family made an appearance in November 2007.  By comparison, the show's ratings over the summer were around the 3.5 mark, the New York Daily News reported.

During Palin's appearance on the show, which was meant to coincide with the release of her memoir, "Going Rogue,"  she demurred over questions about whether she was eyeing a talk show of her own.  Audience members interviewed after the show said they were left with the impression that she was considering it.

Others say her book tour, which takes her to Republican battleground states this week, instead hints at a possible 2012 run for the presidency.

Palin has said such a bid is "not on my radar."

"My ambition, if you will, my desire is to help our country in whatever role that may be, and I cannot predict what that will be, what doors will be open in the year 2012," she told Barbara Walters.

Going Rogue was among the bestselling books on Amazon.com and BarnesAndNoble.com nearly two months before it was even released, Reuters reported last month.


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