Sanctuary Schools Marked By Monarch Butterfly in Chicago

Schools in Chicago that want to be identified as “sanctuary schools” will be emblazoned with a yellow monarch butterfly to identify the building as a place where students and families can come for safety and information.

The current political climate is taking a devastating mental and emotional toll on students and their Chicago families, parents, school principals and aldermen said Friday at a news conference.

The Logan Square Neighborhood Association helped organize the event.

The families, both documented and undocumented neighbors alike, stood united outside Funston Elementary in the Logan Square neighborhood.

“We are all very aware of the real immigration fears that many families are facing,” said parent and LSNA member Norma Rios Sierra.

The sanctuary schools will also offer information and workshops about immigration and resources for those fearful of deportation, hate crimes or racially motivated attacks.

“The worst feeling of your parent is to sit down your kids and tell them this is what we are doing if something happens,” said parent Monica Espinoza.

Ald. Carlos Ramirez Rosa were also in attendance to back the cause.

“Let [Chicago Public Schools] take note,” Rosa said. “This is the model I want to see, not just at every school in the 35th ward, but in every school in Chicago.”

In a letter to students and family, CPS said "in addition to helping parents and guardians understand their rights CPS is committed to helping students... CPS' goal is to provide all children with safe, engaging learning environments."

The LSNA says it hopes to spread the word across the city and state to join in the cause of making sanctuaries and providing workshops for parents and community members to learn their rights.

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