Chicago Police

Saint Sabina Hosts Basketball Tournament Against Chicago Police

Chicago police officers will join the community in the cafeteria following the last basketball game

The community at Saint Sabina Church on the city's South Side hosted a basketball tournament against Chicago police officers Saturday.

The tournament consisted of 3 on 3 games at the Ark Youth Center facility for high school students starting at 11 a.m.

After the final 2 p.m. basketball game, police and the community of Saint Sabina will gather in the cafeteria for food and conversation.

“This bridge between law enforcement and community doesn’t just happen, rather we must build it step by step," Father Michael Pfleger of Saint Sabina Church said. "No matter how difficult it may be.”

Pfleger has spoken out as an anti-violence activist in Chicago and has worked to improve citywide crime rates and community relations.

In early July on the anniversary of his 2018 march, Pfleger lamented on Twitter that it might be time to shut the Ryan down again. But since that tweet, the gun violence in Chicago has only grown.

"It is quite clear in my mind, having been here 45 years ago, it's worse now than I've seen in my 45 years here," he said. "Babies! I don't remember in my lifetime here, a string of seven to 10 days where we had that many babies shot!"

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