Chicago Bears

Report Asks How High Bears' Staffing Changes Could Go

The Chicago Bears will likely make some serious changes to their team this offseason, but exactly what the team plans to do remains to be seen.

Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio posed an interesting question on the state of the Bears’ franchise, asking what’s on everyone’s mind: just how high will the changes go?

It’s widely assumed that head coach John Fox will be fired after the season, but will G.M. Ryan Pace? Florio has an interesting take on that question:

“Here’s something that could be a clue. Most of the non-playoff teams have commenced the process of negotiating with practice-squad players (on) futures contracts that can be signed after the regular season ends. As one league source explained it to PFT, the Bears haven’t.”

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Florio also discusses the chances of the Bears letting President Ted Phillips, but says it’s “highly unlikely” the team will take that drastic of a step.

The report does hint at the possibility of a power structure that would be similar to what the Cubs instituted following the 2011 season. They removed President Crane Kenney from all baseball decisions, hired Theo Epstein as a President of Baseball Operations, and Jed Hoyer as the General Manager.

A similar arrangement could be made with the Bears, codifying Phillips in a strictly non-football role and giving Pace a new boss with the organization.  

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