Ryan Pace Dismisses Concerns About Relationship With Cutler


The Chicago Bears apparently shopped Jay Cutler hard before the NFL Draft began on Thursday night, but G.M. Ryan Pace dismissed concerns that it could negatively impact the quarterback’s relationship with the team.

"In my mind, we just got Jay another dynamic weapon," Pace said of the team’s decision to draft West Virginia wide receiver Kevin White. "I hope he’s fired up. We just gave him another powerful weapon."

The Bears were reportedly pursuing the second overall pick in the draft from the Tennessee Titans, which they would’ve used to draft quarterback Marcus Mariota. Cutler likely would have been included in that deal, but Pace dismissed concerns that it would have a lasting impact with the quarterback to have his name linked to those reports.

After the Bears traded away Brandon Marshall, there were plenty of questions about who would replace him in Cutler’s arsenal, and White provides a nice option to throw to. His speed should enable Cutler to get some breathing room, and the quarterback will undoubtedly be thrilled to work with him. 

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