‘I Just Need Kayla Back': Running Car Stolen from Suburbs with Dog Inside

A suburban woman is asking for help finding her beloved dog after the pup was stolen -- along with her car -- as she ran inside of a 7-Eleven.

Ericka Moore says she'll always regret leaving her pet Kayla inside of her unlocked, running SUV Thursday in Oak Park.

“I come here all the time, but because it was cold, I left the car running,” Moore said. “I know it was a stupid thing to do. And I turned around and someone drive off in my car with Kayla. And I don't even care about the car. I just need Kayla back.”

Police returned to the strip mall Friday afternoon to help look for Ericka's SUV, a 2005 Silver/Grey Buick Rendezvous with Illinois plates 657-7150.

Moore is also posting flyers and looking for anyone who might have seen what happened to Kayla. She wants to reach out to whoever took her.

“Please, Kayla is a very important part of my family,” Moore said. “If you can please just don't harm her. Just leave her with the car. You can even drop her off, no questions asked. I just want my dog back. You can keep the car.” 

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