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Rudy Giuliani Tweets Support for ‘Jerry' McCarthy, Garry McCarthy Fires Back

“Let’s get on board for Jerry McCarthy,” a tweet read

Rudy Giuliani is apparently putting his support behind Garry McCarthy… or Jerry McCarthy.

The former Republican New York City mayor tweeted about Chicago’s former top cop, a current candidate for mayor in Chicago, but appears to have some confusion over his name.

In a series of tweets condemning Chicago violence Sunday night, Giuliani, who is now one of President Donald Trump’s attorneys, referred to McCarthy both as Jerry and Garry.

“Chicago murders are direct result of one part Democratic rule for decades,” his first tweet read. “Policing genius Jerry McCarthy can do for Chicago what I did for NYC. He was one of the architects of Compstat. Slashed homicides over 70%. Tens of thousands of lives saved.”

“Let’s get on board for Jerry McCarthy,” another tweet read.

Marking a particularly violent weekend in the city, nearly 70 people were shot between Friday night and Monday morning across Chicago, according to police.

After the initial tweets, Giuliani corrected the spelling of McCarthy’s name along with the message “MAKE CHICAGO SAFE AGAIN.” But then, he misspelled the current Chicago mayor’s name.

“[McCarthy] can do a lot better than Mayor Emmanuel who is fiddling while Chicago burns,” he wrote.

And again, in a final tweet Monday morning.

“63 murders this weekend in Rahm Emmanuel’s Chicago. His legacy more murders in his city than ever before,” the tweet read. “It’s only because of Democrat brain washing that he has even a chance of remaining. Support police professional Garry McCarthy.”

In response to the tweets, Garry McCarthy said he "categorically" disagreed with Giuliani's comments. 

“Let me be clear: I am a proud Democrat and I do not agree with Mayor Guiliani’s political views and I certainly remain opposed to the misguided, divisive tone and policies of Donald Trump," McCarthy said in a statement. "I worked with Mayor Guiliani nearly 20 years ago. When America was attacked on 9/11 I lost friends and colleagues and those memories stay with me to this day. I cannot say strongly enough how saddened I am to see 'America’s Mayor' stand with a president with whom I am diametrically opposed. I also categorically disagree that Democrats – as Guiliani suggested – are responsible for Chicago’s tragic gun violence. The blame lies squarely with Rahm Emanuel’s weak leadership and failed policies. I am focused 100 percent on bringing this city together and uniting Chicago around a set of policies that will reverse gun violence, end this carnage, improve our schools and provide tax fairness to working people.”

McCarthy, who previously worked in the New York Police Department, moved to Chicago when Emanuel chose him to be the city’s police superintendent in 2011. After serving in the position for four years, he was fired by Emanuel in the aftermath of the Laquan McDonald shooting.

He announced his candidacy for mayor in March, saying he felt he could do a better job leading the city than the current mayor.

“The best way to put it is that I’m a public servant. I’m not a politician,” he said last year when asked about his potential run. “I’ve learned a lot from people like Rudy Giuliani, Cory Booker, and yes, Rahm Emanuel. I think one of the things is that I can unpack a problem, put it back together, and learn how to make it better. That is not what we are doing in Chicago.”

McCarthy has also recently garnered support from one of the city’s top community activists, Andrew Holmes.

Holmes said he witnessed how the former police superintendent listens. 

"I have enormous respect for this man," McCarthy said of Holmes. "He is tireless, working in the community."

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